A Call For Volunteers


A Call For Volunteers


Bill To Be Introduced Today Authorizing The President To Issue a Call for 60,000 or 70,000 men - State Militia Technically Avoided - A Second Call For 100,000 May Be Required.


Washington, April 18th - Representative Hull, of Iowa, chairman of the house committee on Military Affairs, will tomorrow introduce an administration Bill authorizing the president to issue a call for volunteers to the number of 60,000 or 70,000 men. It will be considered at once by the committee, its passage expedited as rapidly as possible and will take effect immediately upon the president's approval. It's terms will authorize the president to call on the various States for quotas in making up the aggregate. By reading in this way instead of specifically looking to calling out the various State militia, will avoid several embarrassing technicalities, the main one being the Constitutional inhibition on sending State militia out of the country, while volunteers so called for can be ordered anywhere.

It is likely that if the situation develops into such grave proportions as now expected, a second pole for 100,000 volunteers a week by the president. The necessity for the cement number, however, is not clear to the military authorities at this time. The draft of the  present one measure has Justin graded by the war Department officials and the leading members of the military committee have already conferred with the war department Authority on the Necessities on this line, the latter having announced that a maximum 80,000 volunteers would be sufficient at this time. 




Daily Concord Standard


April 19, 1898


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